Shegold Properties

  • Shegold
    Beachfront hotel, residential and commercial properties
    for sale on Costa Rica´s South Caribbean Coast.


Beachfront hotel, residential and commercial properties for sale on Costa Rica´s South Caribbean Coast.

Costa Rica’s South Caribbean region is about 3½ hours from San Jose on a well-maintained road that winds through the Braulio Carrillo National Park and then south along the coastal road from the port city of Limon. Shegold is located across the road from the hotel Villas del Caribe, 5 kilometers south from Puerto Viejo de Limon along the beach road to Manzanillo, directly in front of Playa Chiquita, one of Costa Rica’s beaches with the Blue Flag award.

History of Shegold

Shegold was originally settled and cleared by Mr. David Shegold, a Jamaican immigrant over a hundred years ago. It has been in our hands for over thirty years. The fields and cacao groves are still easy to see under the canopy of coastal forest. This pioneer farming legacy has helped us preserve the forest cover largely intact in development zones as well as conservation areas. At Shegold, nature and wildlife are literally at your doorstep.

The property totals about 40 hectares, after taking into account past lot and farm-related sales. Most of the land is flat, well-drained and close to all services. The neighborhood around Playa Chiquita is quite well-developed. Low to moderate density, residential, commercial and tourism facilities make up a thriving beachfront community. The local area sources fresh water from the coral aquifer directly underneath Shegold.

Shegold is anchored by the 26 room beach hotel, Villas del Caribe and related facilities. In fact the hotel restaurant is built around the original century-old farm homestead. Due to its proximity to the beach, a significant portion of Shegold is located within Costa Rica's Maritime Zone, but outside the limits of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. The hotel itself is within the mixed-use zone of the Refuge, but the overall site lends itself readily to expansion into freehold land right in the heart of Shegold. The western side of the property has been officially subdivided into residential, commercial and mixed-use lots.