Shegold Properties

  • Shegold
    Beachfront hotel, residential and commercial properties
    for sale on Costa Rica´s South Caribbean Coast.

Terms and Conditions

We welcome all Real Estate Agents who may be interested in promoting the sale of our properties and we respectfully request that everyone agrees to the following conditions:

1. Disclaimer: While care has been taken with this data, this website may contain errors and omissions which may be material, including information supplied by third parties. User comments, corrections and suggestions are much appreciated. Representations and warranties are limited to legal ownership of properties or shares of property holding companies, as the case may be.

2. Prices: We intend to review and update prices quarterly according to fluctuations in the market. Please refer to this website to confirm the current prices and "dates of validity". Package commercial prices will necessarily have to be negotiated on a personal basis with interested agents/clients.

3. Commission Rates: Set at the local industry-standard 5% unless otherwise agreed or negotiated.

4. Client Registration: In order to protect your clients, agents and finders must register new clients as soon as possible, exclusively via the email address indicated in this website: , on a "first to register" basis. Registration should include full name of client, date and any finder and/or feeder agent(s) involved. Agents and finders must keep a list of registered clients for verification. Active clients should be renewed yearly by email notice. Registration is client-specific, but not property specific.

5. Out-of-Town and Overseas Agents: Agents are expected to handle their own clients directly in showing properties or use a local agent. Unless otherwise agreed, all non-local agents are encouraged to make specific arrangements with local agents and disclose them to us when clients are registered. We can provide a list of our approved local agents to choose from.Also, out-of-town agents are only eligible for 5% commission if they can satisfy us on a client-by-client basis that they are willing and able to assist in all aspects of the sales and closing process, that their clients do not have prior agent or finder registration with us and eligibility for 5% commission is confirmed by us in writing in advance.

6. Agent/Finder Disclaimer: Registration, documentation and collection/payment of shared commissions, finders' fees, personal agreements with finders and any costs not subject to specific written agreements with us are the sole responsibility of agents and finders as applicable.

7. 50% Discount at Villas del Caribe beach hotel: In order to assist agents, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to book rooms at Villas at a 50% discount to normal rack rate (breakfast included), for qualified and registered clients (some limitations apply).